Halfway There – Team in Training Peninsula

I remember when we crossed over the halfway mark for the full marathon in our first season with Team in Training in 2005. We met at Crissy Field in San Francisco for a 15 mile walk through Fort Mason and past Fisherman’s wharf to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. That weekend, Susan and Wendy did 15 miles on the creek trail and decided that their original goal of doing a half marathon in Anchorage was, well, too easy. Just 3 months earlier, Susan laughed at me when I added “finish a marathon” to my bucket list. She doesn’t doubt my ambition anymore. Not much anyway.

Our Peninsula team hit the just-over-halfway point this weekend at Woodside. Our half marathoners for Tinkerbell are three weeks from their event and were scheduled for 12 miles. Full marathoners for Rock n Roll Seattle and our lone Flex participant for Anchorage were doing 14. Cathy and Christy were out early for a 6:30 AM start to mark the 7 mile out and back along the horse trail along Canada Road. Recent rains spurred a growth of grass along the trail.


I covered the far end of the route. The road was crowded with cyclists and I was reminded of the day we passed the triathletes in Aquatic Park, cheering them on as we trained. There are some locations where even at 7 AM on Sunday, it’s crowded with people. Such is the Bay Area lifestyle.

Rick was the first to arrive as always. He’s been a solid 8 – 8.5 minute miler all season. Keith, our honoree and Mike, our Anchorage runner were next. I told Mike the rolling hills and the rutted trail was actually a good simulation for the Tank Trail in Anchorage.


Carroll and Ginny weren’t too far behind. Carroll has been having a solid training season and her stories of her fifth-graders helping her with fundraising has been a lot of fun to hear. After they turned, I started working backwards from mile 7. Leave no trace, you know.


Andrea and Colleen were the only half marathoners to get to the 12 mile turn. The rest were doing Rock n Roll and had the option to push off the longest run into late May. With the temperatures rising and the challenging path, many took us up on the that.


The mile 6 turn was at the top of a rise. I did a few hill repeats while I waited to make sure no one else was going past mile 5. After the all clear from the water stop, I kept clearing back so I could get my 10 miles in. As the morning wore on, there were more drivers, larger groups of cyclists and lots of cars lining the roads. It was a lot of fun cheering as dozens of random people went by. The next 4 miles went pretty quickly until Coach Hang picked me up after the last participants checked in. We ended the day with lunch at Buck’s of Woodside.

I’m excited for the team as we climb into the higher mileage. We’ve been doing half marathons for years, but something about getting past 13.1 makes it really special. With Victoria Falls, Honolulu and Avengers/Vegas this the will be the most full marathons (or marathon equivalents) that we’ve ever done in a calendar year.

And we’re not even halfway done.

Go Team 🙂


Congratulations to everyone who finished the Inaugural Dark Side Half Marathon in Orlando last weekend. The Dark Side Challenge (10K/half) offered a bonus medal for the weekend. Anyone who completed the Light Side Half Marathon in January earned the Coast-to-Coast medal as well as the Kessel Run Medal.

Recent 100 marathon finisher Lida Ford was in the Sahara Desert last week finishing the Marathon des Sables, what the Discovery Channel calls “the toughest footrace on earth.” It covers the equivalent of five and a half marathons (156 miles) in five or six days in 100 plus degree temperatures. Congratulations on an absolutely amazing accomplishment!

Finally, best of luck to all of our friends running, supporting and organizing the 120th Boston Marathon this morning. Since 2013, I’ve made a point of watching my Facebook feed for race updates and I’ll be up early following, Barb, Fiona, Richard, Jessica, Carl, Ilona, Sylvia, David, Kelly, Tee and Shauna. We’re off this weekend, but there’s always living vicariously through Facebook posts.

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