Sugar Rush – RNR Los Angeles 2016

What happens when your race expo is in the same place as Comic Con and the League of Legends World Championship?



You start wondering how adequate your costume is going to be. These were some of the more normal ones too.


Fortunately, some of us had the perfect costume. We later found out Ann’s husband Peter dressed up as a quarter. I’ll let the parent explain that one to the kids.


The kids in us got some nostalgic gold. Bonus points for anyone who recognizes this symbol from Hyrule.


Before dinner on Saturday we even got the latest in theater experiences. The 4DX movie seats moved with the action on-screen. The flashing lights and mist sprays may have driven some of the theater goers from the room during the showing of Inferno. Wimps.


Downtown LA Westin. We LOVE it! Especially since the wifi let us make up some work so we didn’t have to take another precious full day of vacation.


Sunday, October 31st. Halloween. And, oh yeah, a Half Marathon:
This was the plan for a couple of years. We did Vancouver in 2014 and switched to PacMan in 2015. It was time to run the candy store. What the hell is up with my face?!


Given the heat, costumes don’t always last the full 13.1 miles. Pamplona would be proud of these guys.


21 races this year. Christina is a real-life Wonder Woman.


Pirates in Kilts (De Moe). John was there in his PPAP costume early, but it was a bit too hot to run with.img_6250

On the loop back at mile 9, we ran into newlyweds Wesley and Martin, just back from their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. The costumes were perfect.


And I mean PERFECT.


The race was sponsored by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Susan and I said we wanted to do a race with Drew sponsored by the ASPCA, so there’s one more check off the bucket list. We’d do it again next year (only we’d try to avoid the one dog who wanted Drew dead).

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There may be a day where we stop playing Pokemon Go on course. Apparently, this was not that day.


I couldn’t tell if these guys were part of the race entertainment or if they were spillovers from Comic Con.  (or, for that matter, normal LA residents).


The cheerleaders at mile 11 were our kind of people.


Let’s not forget the Juanfie.  Or the other Juanfie. Or the ‘making of the Juanfie’.

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Some races you don’t worry about having a good time on the clock and just try to have a good time.


This was one of those races. I’m only bummed that we didn’t finish in time to see all of the costume contest. I’m glad “guy riding bear” won.

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Los Angeles makes 14 Rock n Roll races for 2016. Superheroes/RNR Vegas in the second week of November will be another chapter in our amazing journey.

Hope to see you there!

Angelino Accomplishments:
Congrats to another crop of 2016 Hall of Famers including Gima, Larry and Nichole. I’m sure there were more given the 16 people who were sitting at 14 races after Vancouver. I didn’t see any other public pictures on Facebook. 

Jonathan, Erika, Aleksandra and Nichole at various levels of awesome.

I had the honor of meeting Larry in person for the first time on the way back from RNR Vancouver. His journey started in September of 2014 with his first 5K after his doctor told him he was ‘morbidly obese.’ A little over two years, 42 half marathons, 3 full marathons and 85 lost pounds later, Larry collected his Hall of Fame medal.


I also finally caught up to one of the 7 people likely to become a three-time Hall of Famer in 2016. Rodney doesn’t do a lot of social media and has racked up 57 lifetime Rock n Roll’s, putting him in the top 20 (as far as I can tell).


We hope to celebrate with another friend hitting the 100th Rock n Roll race milestone. Sherry will likely be doing the full marathon, so after our double half marathon day, a bunch of us plan to be up late to cheer her in.

See you in Sin City!

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