Glide Path – RNR New Orleans 2017

Glide Path: noun: 1) an aircraft’s line of descent to land, especially as indicated by ground radar. 2) a series of events or actions leading smoothly to a particular outcome: “we are on a glide path to success”

We’re a month into 2017. My knee is on the mend, the scale says “target racing weight +10” and we’re heading into a city that’s flat, fast and has amazing food for a 5K and a half marathon. In 2016, it was one of my fastest races, but this time around, it felt like a rebuilding year.
Flying east usually means an early morning departure out of Oakland (this time 2:45 wake up for a 5:45 flight). Note to self: TSA was actually open and at that time on Friday, there wasn’t a line. We had a layover in Denver and were surprised to see Ann on the flight. Apparently, she was missed at Rock n Roll Arizona so much that CGI asked if she could come back early. No pictures. I didn’t want to post any and spoil the surprise!
After a quick bag drop at the aLoft and we were off to the Moriel Convention Center. Those of us walking in from Canal Street side got an extra mile in as the RNR Expo was on the far west of the center. We met Rick, our friend from Nashville and picked up a few supplies. We’re going to pass on signing up for RNR New Orleans 2018 because we have faith in the TourPass and don’t want to pay the non-refundable processing fees. I started justing my iPhone 7’s portrait mode a little more this trip. I think I got a few good shots. Race 2 of the year: Stop by the TourPass booth, say hi to Mindy or Ryan and get your 2017 Credentials. New this year: a back bib showing off your TourPass status – one for each location.
The medals for the weekend were in the throwback theme for the 20 Years Running celebration. Hard to believe, but Rock n Roll started before the turn of the century.
The forecast looked dry and cool, but not cold. Susan was stocked up on snack food, so we skipped lunch completely and hit Galiano’s for dinner. King Cake bread pudding was a must have.

Saturday, February 4th. Inaugural Remix 5K
There wasn’t a decent public transit option to get to the starting line in City Park, so drivers for Uber and Lyft (well, this week, mostly Lyft) were busy. Elizabeth (Runner of a Certain Age podcast and Train with Bain) and Andrew (Twitter @smartwatermelon) were staying at our hotel. We really should figure this out beforehand so we can take the same UberXL. There wasn’t a lot of shelter at the 5K and we were somehow under-prepared this trip – no sleeves, no racing gloves. The wind picked up a little more than we were expecting and it was good to get under way. Registration for the 5K was capped at 1,500 and it sold out.

Henry @barefootelvis Chan
Annie, back to work. Best. Job. EVER.
It’s a gypsy start. We found out Dominique is actually from our area. Tamara found us in the sea of people.

The inaugural 5K was a pretty loop course through City Park’s lakes and fields, passing the Museum of Art about half way. There were more than a few Mardi Gras masks including Leny, Melinda and Aidin.


I passed by a race walker with really good form at about mile 2.75, but after a brief chat, she pulled away. I tried to keep pace, but just couldn’t get under 11 minute miles. I have some work to do this year, it seems. Still, the finish line was a welcome sight. It was warm enough at the finish to relax a bit before catching an Uber back to downtown.

Josie joined us for the new mom update.

Our post-race refueling was at Cafe Beignet. Most people who go to NOLA swear by Cafe du Monde, but we like the lighter taste and the shorter lines. The fact that it’s literally next to a police station speaks well to its likely longevity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We grabbed a quick nap before meeting at M Bistro at the Ritz Carlton for dinner. We hadn’t seen Tamie since our trip to Iowa City. Gary is going for Hall of Fame in 2017 (assuming RNR doesn’t cancel any more of his races), Tricia and Juan were late but very welcome adds to the party. Light was low, so we took pictures afterwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After dinner, Al gave us a preview of the new Hall of Fame shirt design, in poster form. He has a small order being run now and if you’re interested in getting a shirt (short or long sleeve) or a jacket, let him know. This is the back. The front will be black with microphone made of neon laces.

Sunday, February 5th. Half Marathon:
Given how badly prepared we were for the chill on Saturday, we took a little extra time to get to gear check for the half. Note to first timers, be sure to give yourself another 10 – 15 minutes to search for the UPS trucks. Gear Check closed at 7:10 for the 7:30 start.  The digital event guides used to include starting area locations, but I haven’t seen them recently. More portrait mode pictures. Having the crowd makes for a really good background.

You know it’s cold when Al needs a space blanket.
The Gypsy start line pic back in the cheap corrals.
Rick and Tawni stayed together to get into the 2:10 – 2:20 range.
Zach and Sherry. She’s on track for 100 full marathons by Austin.

We both decided to start getting back into shape this race, so we tried to beat our last few race times. We’ve done this course several times, so we kept the phones stowed away this time. I have this weird feeling that some of my knee issues were caused by short-swinging my left arm while playing Pokemon Go. We did pass a few good sites like the King Cake station at mile 4.8 and the Screwdrivers at 6.2 and the world-famous beignets at Cafe du Monde at mile 10. For a better visual, jump over to Elizabeth’s blog. I was able to walk a decent first half but flagged a bit in the second half until I saw the 2:30 pacer. I was determined to keep within 50 feet of him up until the finish line where I took a few more pics. Susan did her standard negative split and is feeling good about the start of her year.

Ann was losing her voice near the end. I guess everything needs practice.
When your engines stall, find something to get you back in rhythm. Like this guy.
John, the hardest working man in racing.
Ryan at the Heavy Medal tent. Just the Remix medals this time.
VIP Joe knocks off yet another Rock n Roll
Ilona and Carl Marino with a rare RNR appearance since ID’s Homicide Hunter changed their filming schedule. Great to see them!
Kamika wearing the shirt from the successful Inaugural Mainly Marathon Kauai series.

Susan and I both finished about 10 minutes faster than any of our last 5 races. With a few more weeks off to do some final healing and start doing short distance speed work, we’re gearing up for four weekends in three time zones in March. We’ll look for another shot at our PR’s in San Diego in early June, so consider this the first of 5 legs before our test flight.

Stay on the glide path. So far, so good.


Rock n Roll New Orleans has been around since 2010 under the CGI brand. This year was the first Remix 5K. There were 14,874 total finishers for all events this weekend  (2,865 in the marathon, 9,255 in the half, 2,468 in the 10K and 1,286 in the Remix 5K), down about 2,000 compared to the 2016, mainly due to a smaller half marathon participation.  Race conditions were good for the 5K and the half. Word has it, it got a bit warm past 10AM so those mortals doing the marathon got to work on their tans.

Lifetime Achievements: Sherry Ricker pulled even with VIP Joe Harris on lifetime Rock n Roll events of all distances. Sherry (and everyone else) is years behind Joe on Heavy Medal qualifying distances (full and half marathons), but she has the highest total for 5K’s at 29 and also 4 10 K’s. Jeff Calene will become the fifth person to hit the 100 Rock n Roll race mark in D.C and Joe needs just 31.9 more miles to become the first person to hit the 2,000 RNR Mile mark. This should happen some time in March.

Pokemon Hunter Report: The 5K through Central Park was prime ground with the grass and water environments. There were a decent amount of magikarp, polywag and pair of dratini as well as a pretty established kabuto nest. If you’re back in downtown, the Mississippi River bank near Mardi Gras World has a good mix of water and other rare Pokemon. I didn’t hunt in the French Quarter. There’s just too much going on to have your nose glued to your phone!

We’ve put RNR NOLA on our permanent list barring any schedule conflicts due to the floating date. It’s just a really fun place to be 🙂


2 Replies to “Glide Path – RNR New Orleans 2017”

  1. This was my first year at Rock n Roll NOLA. I wish I’d run it before, as it is now my new favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll (since Vancouver isn’t a Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore). It’s just my kind of race–lots of puppies to pet! I didn’t know you were playing Pokemon GO, but I imagine it was pretty good territory as I found lots of Ingress portals (love those out and back sections for fielding!)


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